World class writing skills at your fingertips: Twain

October 17, 2023

Writing emails sucks

Writing emails in another language sucks even more

Millions of Europeans are writing trillions of emails in another language every day

If you’re reading this post, you’ve written an email several times per day, most probably not in your native language.

Do you enjoy it?

You wish

Could you have written it better?

You wish

Whether we like it or not, online communication has become very present, if not absolutely necessary, to carry out many professional and personal aspects of our lives. Some would even say that emails are haunting us. Emails are everywhere, even the doctor in the countryside writes more emails every day than visiting patients.

Even though we get plenty of practice, we get zero training.

We need help. Not only those working in a high-paced environment. Not only a fund, a startup or a software developer. Everybody. Doctors, Managers, Customer Service Agents, the Shop Owner around the corner. Writing emails becomes an actual productivity hurdle. Because writing and editing emails is time-consuming. What’s worse is most of your recipients will never finish reading that email, because it’s not clear and convincing. And what if you’re not writing in your native language? All that, times ten.

Mo has been there. When he led the expansion of his first startup into several European markets, his inbox exploded. On one side, his sales team needed constant communication coaching. On the other side, his success meant a lot more people found their way into his inbox. With Twain, he found an approach to build a scalable solution for this all-too-present problem.

Twain will start narrowly, assisting where bad communication has immediate and lasting consequences: in sales. Later expanding to everyone who needs to make their communication more effective and efficient. Twain will land in your email browser sooner than you think.

Why now?

For its first iteration, Twain uses the intersection of sales enablement and sales automation. Both sectors are currently booming. The sales automation market is large and growing. It is estimated to reach USD 4.5b+ in 2027, growing at 19.8% CAGR, while spending on sales enablement software is projected to reach USD 2.6b in 2024.

Software has changed the way we communicate internally, in the case of Slack, or how we collaborate in teams, for example Asana. And Machine Learning is increasingly being applied in different vertical solutions. Direct outbound sales has been facilitated by the introduction of workflow software but few solutions are applying ML to create personal content. Some adjacent solutions are expensive, cumbersome to implement and thus only available to large enterprises.

There is an opportunity to create a lightweight tool to automate sales content creation while providing valuable feedback to the user. Basically an AI sales coach that takes the simplicity of Grammarly and the knowledge of effective sales communication.

We believe Twain will help people to be heard and understood: the main goal when communicating. We now have a tool at our fingertips 24/7, which enables us to communicate clearly, confidently, and convincingly.

Why us?

I strongly believe that our goal to improve our health & wellbeing cannot be met if we only look at our private life. It’s our work where we spend most of our day. It’s our business relations where we struggle most of our days. It’s our occupational wellbeing that has a significant impact on our overall health. For some jobs, written communication is one of the most important factors of day-to-day business. Let’s tackle this first. Let’s improve our communication skills, easy, fast & cheap.

Try it out! Once tested, you’ll never write without the help of Twain!

PS: If you’re building something to improve our health and wellbeing, reach out!

Lucanus Polagnoli

Founder & CEO