Imagine a world where hotels operate based on the needs of guests, not the organizational conditions! Where total flexibility lets guests check-in and check out at whatever times they need.

Software enabling hotels to generate revenue from early check-ins and late check-outs.

Hotels have always been run on a fixed schedule with check-ins in the early afternoon and check-outs late mornings. This results in huge inefficiencies for the hotel as rooms sit unnecessarily empty between guests checking in and out as well as high levels of frustration for guests with travel plans not matching these rigid management systems.

HotelFlex is changing that by building software for hotels where guests can choose their exact time of arrival and departure. This generates a better experience for guests and, if properly scheduled, is not adding costs. At the same time, additional fees are increasing the net margin significantly.

Max Shepherd-Cross and Rich Turnbull started HotelFlex in 2016 after gaining relevant experience in the real estate and tech industry. Max has spent his career as an investment manager at CBRE and Prudential Financial, giving him a considerable understanding of the financial and operational performance of hotels. Rich, an experienced software engineer, worked as a tech lead in several projects before building HotelFlex from scratch. They were admitted to prestigious US accelerator Y Combinator during the Summer 2017 batch.

Team members
  • Max Shepherd-Cross
  • Rich Turnbull
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Year invested

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Your hotel stay should match your travel plans and not the other way around.

Max Shepherd-Cross
Co-Founder & CEO Officely and HotelFlex

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