Mental Health (Stealth Mode)

Imagine a world where patients with mental health disorders are diagnosed on an ongoing basis. Where patients are treated almost daily based on their individual situation.

Smart mental health assessments

Every year there are millions of depression-related psychiatric appointments. Most of the assessments are subjective, time-consuming, and inaccurate. Finding the right diagnosis takes years. More than 1/3 of patients never receive treatment they require.

This startup created a solution that helps psychiatrists assess depression through video games and subsequent analysis of video and speech patterns. The product is delivered to larger clinics first and will help clinicians finding the correct diagnosis, choosing the right treatment faster and more objectively and enables them to monitor their patients over time.

The company is founded by a world leading domain expert with a phd in cognitive disorders as well as a senior technician with a phd in theoretical physics.

Team members
  • CEO - phd in neuroscience
  • CTO - phd in theoretical physics
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Year invested

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