Skin Cancer Robot

Imagine a world where dermatologists’ one-hour, manual body examination is shortened to two minutes full body scan! Where the often inaccurate dermoscopy examination is replaced by 10x better software for early melanoma detection.

Faster & more accurate skin scanning

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US and worldwide with 20% of Americans being diagnosed with skin cancer before they reach 70. Early detection is crucial but the timely diagnostics is often slowed down by long waiting times and the time-consuming process of manual dermoscopy inspection, with approx. 30% melanomas misdiagnosed.

This startup has developed a robotic device and a web platform for AI-assisted diagnostics allowing for much faster, comprehensive and accurate scanning of the skin. The fully autonomous scanning robot is takes images of the entire skin for monitoring over time, while the web platform is providing physicians with insights such as full-body lesions mapping, filtering and sorting. New or changed lesions are flagged at a dermoscopic resolution for faster detection and treatment.

Team members
  • CEO - strategy consultant in the healthcare sector, MSc in Engineering
  • CTO - Software and ML Engineer
Investment manager
Michael Ströck
Year invested

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