Imagine corporate treasury with modern consumer banking UX, where all of the company's finance needs are managed in one place by multiple team members.

Digital solution for corporate finance departments

Corporate banking is 2.5x larger than consumer banking yet lags behind in terms of usability and functionality. 40% of corporates have more than 150 bank accounts that are clunky to use and lack 3rd-party integrations, multi-user management capabilities and visibility.

Our latest fintech portfolio company is solving all of these issues by offering corporate finance teams an all-in-one solution that aggregates all accounts in one place and provides payment, cash flow and treasury management services by leveraging PSD2 and Open Banking.

The founders have experience in fintech, corporate banking and strategy consulting.

Team members
  • CEO - Fintech investor
  • CTO - Strategy and IT Consulting
Investment manager
Year invested

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