Alumni Visiting Investment Manager
Marine Popoff

We work face to face

Marine managed investment opportunities (dealflow) and supported the existing portfolio companies through the Academy. She helped us in the process of setting up the fund until the first closing before she went back to university for her MBA studies.

Previously, she managed Investor Relations for a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a new class of immunotherapeutics that went public on NASDAQ with a valuation at IPO of $302M and hence can provide a lot of tips particularly when it comes to pitch decks and fundraising. Born in Nice and raised in Florence, she counts in French and dreams in Italian.

After studying in Utrecht and pursuing a Master degree in Science and Engineering in Edinburgh, she lived in Ghana to lead a FoodTech project from the UK government. Being a bit of a nerd, particularly when it comes to entomology, she has edible crickets in her kitchen. Marine played piano at the conservatorium for ten years, and has a huge passion for climbing and martial arts.