Virtual Clinic for Infertility Care: Why we invested in LEVY

May 13, 2024

One in seven (!) couples struggle to conceive.

In Europe, that translates into 25 million individuals.

The problem with fertility diagnostics

There is a fertility care gap. Most gynecologists are not trained in infertility diagnostics, which may result in misdiagnosis or a long time to diagnosis. This leaves 75% of couples to recognize infertility late in their journey. And that comes with a cost. Infertility impacts quality of life, and getting a diagnosis and follow-up treatment is extremely expensive.

The Solution

LEVY is building an AI solution to guide users on their “trying to conceive (TTC) journey”. Users are classified by combining clinical guidelines and health data in order to be referred to the best possible treatment pathway. Precision diagnostics can reduce the pathway from 4.5 years to 2 weeks, saving costs and time. In other words, LEVY is helping women decode their fertility and access the therapies that are specifically relevant to them.

Looking Forward

LEVY was founded by Caroline, Silvia and Theresa. The three of them bring deep industry expertise, entrepreneurial experience and medical knowledge to the table. Their passion and understanding of their field was what convinced us to join their journey.

We believe digital products will de-stigmatize certain health taboos. Fertility issues are widespread and remain difficult to talk about and address. We share the founders’ vision to democratize and streamline the care pathway in order to bring down the barriers to treatment access. The company aims to become a Vertically Integrated Micro Provider (VIMPRO) for fertility, by integrating and partnering with different players to deliver the best patient experience. One that results in the highest chances of conceiving!

Thrilled to support Caro, Silvia and Theresa in their mission to help millions of couples around the world create new lives!

Michela Grimaldi

Former Investment Associate