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A podcast by Calm/Storm

This podcast sets the stage for aspiring startups, you might not have heard of before. We want to help them to create awareness and raise their first round through a “voice only” pitch. Simply focusing on the story telling, without any visual distractions. We invite female founders to pitch to us and our audience. Together with a female co-investor we will ask questions, give feedback and reveal if we decided to invest or not and of course why...

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F/H10: Stephanie Romiszewski, Co-Founder of Sleepyhead

Stephanie from Sleepyhead pitches to Justina Kilinski from WestTech Ventures

January 2022

F/H9: Emilia Theye, CEO & Co-Founder clare&me

Emilia Theye from clare&me pitches to Hana Besbes from Heal Capital

December 2021

F/H8: Alice Pelton, CEO & Founder of The Lowdown

Alice Pelton from The Lowdown pitches to Marta Gaia Zanchi from Nina Capital

October 2021

F/H7: Ariana Alexander Sefre, CEO & Co-Founder of Spoke

Ariana Sefre from Spoke pitches to Lina Wenner from firstminute

August 2021

F/H6: Amanda Philpott, CEO & Co-Founder of Eargym

Amanda Philpott from Eargym pitches to Chenelle Ansah from Cornerstone Partners

May 2021

F/H5: Lucia Payo Molina, CTO & co-founder: Exakt Health

Lucia Payo Molina is pitching Exakt Health to Eva Arh, Principal at 3VC

April 2021

F/H4: Madison Campell, CEO & co-founder of Leda Health

Madison Campell is pitching to Business Angel Bérénice Magistretti

April 2021

F/H3: Emilia Molimpakis, CEO & co-founder of

Emilia Molimpakis is pitching to Triin Linamagi, CEO of Sie.Ventures

March 2021

F/H2: Ariadna Masó, CEO & co-founder of Sanno Health

Founder: Ariadna Maso of Sanno Health Co-host: Deepali Nangia of Speedinvest

February 2021

F/H1: Tess Cosad, CEO & co-founder Béa Fertility (StepOne)

Tess Cosad is pitching Béa Fertility to Sarah Turner, CEO of Angel Academe

January 2021

Trailer Found/Her Podcast

Learn more about Calm/Storm Ventures and its plan to support female founders.

January 2021

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