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We are the most active health investor in Europe. Join our community of founders supporting founders, finding calm during the storm.

We work face to face


We are entrepreneurs, adventurers, overachievers and dreamers. Just like you.

We work face to face

Supporting Partners

We are a fund built by founders for founders.

Sophie Martinetz

Sophie Martinetz

Co-Founder Seinfeld

Robert Sünderhauf

Robert Sünderhauf

Co-Founder nu3

Paul Varga

Paul Varga

Co-Founder Playbrush


Most active health investor

Calm/Storm named #1 early-stage healthtech investor in Europe

December 1, 2022

Make Long Covid Visible

Visible raised $1m for their pre-seed financing round.

November 22, 2022

Upheal in

Upheal raises €1.068 million & launches AI-powered notes app

October 19, 2022

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