Entrepreneurship -
a continuous storm

We are the most active health investor in Europe. Join our community of founders supporting founders, finding calm during the storm.

Calm/Storm Ventures is an exclusive founder network & boutique venture capital firm


We invest in purpose driven founders changing our life, health and wellbeing for the better. We are a super-early stage investor and want to join your journey as early as we can.

Super early stage

We focus on digital health and wellbeing and have an outstanding track-record particularly with projects tackling taboos. We love subjects that for too long were deemed too sensitive to discuss such as (in)fertility, sexual wellness, mental health issues or chronic constipation.


We believe in diversity and equal opportunities and support unrepresented minorities. 50% of our portfolio companies have diverse teams and every third CEO in our portfolio does not identify as male. 50% of our team members and 60% of our board members are female.


We are a fund built by founders. We are entrepreneurs, adventurers, overachievers and dreamers. Just like you.


We call our Venture Partners "Supporting Partners", supporting you by sharing their expertise and experience.


Our portfolio founders support each other with one common goal: sailing not drowning


We are the most active healthtech investor in Europe.



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Calm/Storm behind the scenes. Why we do what we do.


30% of our portfolio founders are non identifying as male. Why? Listen below!


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