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founders supporting founders finding calm during the storm

We work face to face


We are entrepreneurs, adventurers, overachievers and dreamers. Just like you.

We work face to face

Supporting Partners

We are a fund built by founders for founders.

Michael Repnik

Michael Repnik

CEO & Founder LernChamp

Michael Kräftner

Michael Kräftner

CEO & Founder CELUM

Travis Pittman

Travis Pittman

CEO & Co-Founder TourRadar

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We are a fund built
by founders for founders

Experienced entrepreneurs empowering new founders in a way not yet seen in Europe.

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Latest news

Deal Sourcing in Venture Capital

Octopus Ventures, Ventech (Europe), BPI France and Calm/Storm Ventures

Nov 03, 2021

LSX Femtech Leaders

Super exited that Lucanus will talk at this outstanding Event.

Oct 12, 2021

Lvndr in Sifted

Healthcare is failing the LGBTQ+ community: can Lvndr help?

September 2021

Get your copy of Future Ahead!

Future Ahead! 2nd Edition

In more than 170 pages we give an in-depth view of entrepreneurship in the digital healthcare sector and explain why we find it such an attractive market to invest in. Healthcare Experts, Founders, and our Team provide their perspective on how to...

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