Adent Health is building a dental marketplace by connecting users to dental care solutions via a smartphone.

Dental care for everyone


Dental care remains largely under-digitized and underserved, which has an impact on people’s life influencing accessibility and convenience of care. More than 50% of adults did not visit the dentist within the last year, at the same time 42% say that their smile is the first thing they want to change about themselves, while 1 out of 2 people have untreated dental conditions.


Adent Health enables anyone with a smartphone to take dental care in their own hands, anywhere and anytime. With the first AI smartphone-only CE marked dental scan, from just a few pictures the solution guides the user in their personal dental care. Consequently, transforming a traditional offline business in a digital first experience tapping into convenience, access and motivation.

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Richard Bundsgaard
Thøger Bundsgaard

Digital Health
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