Making all smiles healthy, one person at a time


Adent Health is building a dental marketplace by connecting users to dental care solutions via a smartphone.


The brothers, Richard and Thøger, share a passion to end inequity - and have previously co-founded Teach First Denmark. Richard has worked 10+ years within HealthTech, a.o. as SVP for Software & Business Dev. at Widex (hearing aids). He was also a Manager at McKinsey. Thøger is a full-stack software developer spanning product design, front-end, back-end, and AI.


The #1 thing 42% of people want to change is their smile, and 1 out of 2 people have untreated dental conditions. We help users prevent damage & achieve a radiant smile.


Adent offers convenient dental care with its smartphone-based AI dental scan. CE certified, it monitors for adverse developments & alerts users. Scan results provide customised dental care recommendations based on individual mouth, lifestyle & needs. 84% of users report positive effects in 30 days. Intervene early when developing cavities, tartar & yellow teeth.


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