Exclusive medication and digital care for chronic GI diseases


Apriwell is a vertically integrated micro provider (“VIMPRO”) for people struggling with chronic constipation, a common lifestyle disease and considered social taboo.


Alexander Puschilov founded Apriwell based on his experience serving over 500,000 patients and leading pharmaceutical companies at his previous startup, Viomedo. He built Viomedo into a leading provider of patient recruitment and clinical trial planning services before it was acquired. Previously, he scaled online marketplaces to over 30 countries at Rocket Internet.


GI diseases like chronic constipation affect over 20% of the population. However, most healthcare systems don't cover their treatment, leaving millions of people in pain.


Apriwell is pioneering an end-to-end care model for these diseases. We combine proprietary, IP-protected medicines with our own digital therapies to provide fast relief and long-lasting improvements at affordable prices. The result: Excellent health outcomes that transform our customers' lives, and a business that is highly defensible and scalable globally.


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