Apriwell is a vertically integrated micro provider (“VIMPRO”) for people struggling with chronic constipation, a common lifestyle disease and considered social taboo.

Natural products and a digital coach to end chronic lifestyle diseases


Every year billions are spent on drugs against chronic constipation, one out of many lifestyle diseases. Patients usually do not speak about the issue as they feel too embarrassed to address the topic, choosing to rather live with constant pain and the frustration about the lack of an effective solution. This affects not only their wellbeing but also families & careers. 


Apriwell is solving chronic constipation by offering a complete tech-enabled solution. It bundles a D2C subscription for natural nutritional supplements with a mobile app that serves as a digital companion. It integrates evidence-based treatment options into one coherent experience providing a personalized treatment plan, coaching features and community membership.

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Alexander Puschilov
Fabian Jahr

Digital Health
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