Bambus is a digital brokerage that makes it easier to convert real estate assets into liquidity with a streamlined onboarding process and customized recommendations.

Providing financial flexibility for property owners


Property does not only make rich; it also restricts its owners. Private owners often cannot manage their assets the way professional investors do. Much of Europeans’ wealth is tied to their home and other real estate assets. Once the mortgages have been paid off, homeowners feel “poor” and in-flexible, not only in their investment strategy but also in terms of their life.


Bambus solves this hidden but huge problem by facilitating access to loans using real estate assets (homes) as collateral. In the USA, this is known as “Unlock Your Home Equity” - now Bambus is the first provider to bring this concept to central Europe. This form of financing is not tied to a specific purpose but can be used freely on education, family or other needs.

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Franz Hörhager

B2C Marketplace
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Franz Hoerhager co-founded Austro-German property tech startup Bambus together with Patrick Wollner

Franz Hörhager
Co-Founder & CEO Bambus

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