Providing financial flexibility for homeowners


Bambus is a digital brokerage that makes it easier to convert real estate assets into liquidity with a streamlined onboarding process and customized recommendations.


As a private equity investor of six years, Franz was often asked how to best save for retirement. It became very clear that the problem of property rich and cash poor is omnipresent and decided to solve the issue for homeowners. His goal with Bambus is to take this one step further and to make real estate into a liquid, tradeable asset class for all homeowners.


The most popular way to save for retirement is to buy a house. The problem is that there is no way to get liquidity when it is most needed, like paying for age care.


Bambus buys and rents back partial stakes in customers' homes with an option to buy back the sold portion. This provides customers with liquidity and flexibility without making any changes to their living situation and allowing them to support their kids, to afford age care and to maintain their living standard, among many other things.

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