Imagine a world where homeowners have more options than just buying or selling their property to unlock their real estate wealth.

Bambus helps homeowners unlock their real estate wealth.

Life situations change, and people need liquidity for a variety of reasons: to renovate a home, to pay for the best care possible, or to invest in the next generation. And when they do, Bambus is the service of choice.

Through a combination of financial know-how and best-in-class usability, Bambus is turning homeowners’ real estate into a digital financial asset that allows them to quickly assess their options and to unlock their real estate wealth. Whether it is a digital remortgage application guided by expert advice or one of the customized solutions Bambus is developing: homeowners benefit from real-time feedback and transparent pricing.

The value of private home ownership in Germany and Austria surpasses EUR 6 trillion. While homeowners have seen their wealth rise, their personal situations have also become more complex. In addition, banks are reducing their retail footprint and focusing on real estate purchases. Patrick and Franz identified this mismatch between real estate ownership and financial needs and founded Bambus to bring real estate ownership in line with 21st century expectations. Prior to Bambus, Patrick helped technology companies build more accessible products after completing his PhD at Cambridge in Inclusive Design and Franz invested in billion-Dollar infrastructure projects across the US and Europe following his Wharton finance education.

Team members
  • Franz Hörhager
  • Patrick Wollner
Investment manager
Michael Ströck
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