Allowing enterprise accounts to collaborate with multiple POS lenders


CredCompare provides patients who don’t have excellent credit ratings with affordable financing solutions for elective care in real time, directly at the point of sale.


Asaf and Gil possess extensive experience in their respective fields, with a proven track record of delivering results. FitAnalytics, the company Asaf created, was acquired by Snap for an impressive € 100m+. Gil, on the other hand, brings a wealth of expertise in the BigTech industry. Having known each other for some time, the team works seamlessly and efficiently, complementing each other's strengths to achieve remarkable outcomes.


Due to the inability of enterprises to work with multiple POS lenders, they are forced to choose just one lender, which results in higher costs and lower sales, due to a lower approval rate. 


Credcompare has developed a solution that aggregates POS loans from multiple lenders and integrates with the most popular CRMs.

Increasing sales and reducing average financing costs for merchants by allowing them to offer appropriate financing options for their products and services to all patients. 


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