Imagine a world where healthcare is accessible to everyone! Where patients have the option to choose the best financing solution for elective care, even if their credit score does not rank as a “prime” credit score.

Point-of-sale financing marketplace for the healthcare industry

In 2019, Americans paid $550B out of pocket for their healthcare expenses and borrowed $88B to finance it. Still, 65 million adults opted out of treatment due to its cost and while most healthcare providers work with lenders, on average 50% of applications get rejected. By aggregating offers from multiple lenders at the POS, CredCompare helps patients find appropriate loans for their procedures, while at the same time enabling the clinics and healthcare providers win more patients and business, increasing their revenues in the process.

CredCompare has been founded by serial entrepreneurs. Asaf Moses was a co-founder of Fit Analytics, which was acquired by Snap. Gil Krause had founded several companies before joining Facebook as a Software Engineer.

Team members
  • Asaf Moses
  • Gil Kause
Investment manager
Andrej Steinberg
Healthcare & Fintech
Year invested

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Asaf Moses
Co-Founder & CEO CredCompare

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