Psychedelic healthcare tech & clinical services for mental health


Curio tackles mental healthcare with online psychedelic-assisted coaching and therapy and offers fast relief and lasting transformation.


Curio's co-founders are Hillary, CEO and Stanford-trained MD, Felix, COO and experienced health/insuretech operator, and Matteo, CTO and former LinkedIn engineering manager and Lead Mindfulness Ambassador. Curio's science arm is led by Jennifer, PhD, former CSO at Calm. They share a passion for accessible, scientific, holistic healthcare.


Healthcare is riddled with bandaid solutions and costly, inefficient processes. Patients struggle to be treated as whole human beings and are sicker despite paying more.


Curio builds cost-effective and evidence-based care technology and clinical structures for the health system. They are beginning with the psychedelic space, which is a growing opportunity given recent scientific and regulatory breakthroughs. Curio's products enable faster, better outcomes at a far lesser cost due to effective technology-to-human systems.


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