The learn-to-earn platform for personal finance and investing


Empower the financial futures for the next generation.


Daniel was part of his family business, before he moved into corporate venturing focused on building gamified experiences. Jaco is an entrepreneur at heart, ran his own agency and built over 15+ consumer facing apps.


Most adults have low financial literacy, causing them to live from paycheck to paycheck. Schools and banks lack resources to teach personal finance, adults inheriting everything they know about money from their parents.


Doshi has developed a gamified financial literacy app that helps people of all ages (particularly teens) to learn about personal finance. Users on Doshi have access to 300+ bite-sized lessons, earn points from quizzes, get rewards, and deepen their knowledge through conversational learning. Built for schools and banks, Doshi's learning experience can be customised and white labeled to corporate institutions.



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