Democratising neurocentric training


HAIVE is democratizing access to neurocentric training for a pain-free and more resilient life.


Hady and Marius grew up in the same place. They went down different roads, but always shared a passion for movement. The same questions preoccupied them both: Why do some people become athletes and some don't? What distinguishes happy from depressive people? Hady helped Marius with neurocentric training and the idea for HAIVE was born. 


We are still unable to treat modern day diseases & limitations, like migraine or depression. They "live" in the brain, yet we are not leveraging it to treat them.


Neurocentric training or “NCT” identifies & fixes individual areas of the brain to solve illnesses at their root. It leverages the connection between our brains and movement, having no need for equipment and producing results better than medication. We democratise access to NCT through the development of novel treatment plans as well as digital products.


Health Frontend

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