A digital companion for people suffering from thyroid disorders offering comprehensive and personalized lifestyle advice, blood test analysis and direct chats with clinicians.

Hashimoto clinic in your pocket


300 million patients are being diagnosed with thyroid disorders every year and the numbers are growing rapidly. Direct access to endocrinologists is limited due to shortages in the supply of such experts. At the same time, there are no digital solutions available leaving many people struggling with up to 45 different symptoms and at risk of developing an autoimmune disease.


Hashiona is developing the first all-in-one application for patients suffering from thyroid disorders, starting with underactive thyroid causing the Hashimoto disease. It aims to become the vertically integrated healthcare provider for thyroid disorders, creating a digital therapeutic and a virtual clinic addressing the problem of the growing shortage of endocrinologists.

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Eva Galant
Konrad Koniarski

Digital Health
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