All-in-one platform for people with Hashimoto's disease


A digital companion for people suffering from thyroid disorders offering comprehensive and personalized lifestyle advice, blood test analysis and direct chats with clinicians.


Eva was diagnosed with Hashimoto's a few years ago. In order to mute symptoms, she changed her diet and lifestyle based on personal experience and scientific research. Knowing that not everyone has the ability to take time and educate themselves, she decided to work with Daniel, Konrad, and the research team to incorporate all their acquired knowledge in Hashiona.


Despite taking levothyroxine, patients may still experience symptoms and feel unwell. A holistic view is needed to make changes in the patient's life.


To help women with Hashimoto's, Hashiona offers personalized nutrition plans, a symptom-tracking system, and a dose of disease knowledge. Everything they do is data-driven, and they are working to create an automated, highly personalized program that will guide users back to health. Hashiona also offer a chat with our dietitian, who answers all nutrition-related questions. 


Health Frontend

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