Heyvie is democratizing access to neurocentric training for a pain-free and more resilient life.

Making neurocentric training accessible to all


Many people struggle with chronic pain, mobility, and performance limitations that affect their quality of life. But pain “lives” in the brain and is a result of how the brain and the nervous system process sensory inputs and convert them into movements that are supposed to ensure our survival. In many cases pain is an overprotective reaction of the nervous system.


Neurocentric training acts at the level of the brain and the nervous system by reducing the stress they experience and optimising the way they process the input information. This technique has been used by professional athletes but remains inaccessible to most people. Heyvie aims to provide anyone with an individual neurocentric toolkit, helping them combat pain and become more resilient.

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Marius Krämer
Hady Daboul

Digital Health
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