IMA Contigo is providing a Medication-as-a-Service solution for chronic polypharmacy (using 5 or more medications daily) patients.

Medication-as-a-Service solution for chronic polypharmacy patients


As life expectancy grows so does the proportion of people with multimorbidity, with as much as 65% of 65-84 year olds suffering from more than one disease and using multiple medicines to manage them. Polypharmacy, particularly in elderly population with higher frailty, can lead to adverse drug events and unplanned hospital admissions estimated to be at 8.6 million every year in Europe.


IMA Contigo is a medication delivery and adherence service for patients, providing them with a monthly pre-sorted refill of their prescription meds, the way Pillpack does in the US. IMA partners with pharmacies, who use the company’s platform to manage the patient’s chronic conditions, communicate with them and order at-home delivery via the platform’s integration with local couriers.

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Health Tech
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