Al-powered solution to automate and structure medical notes



After studying dentistry (Bristol), Hannah worked in varied clinical roles, and experienced frustration at the inefficienies re documentation. Jay had completed studies in computer science (UCL) and had done further research in NLP (Cambridge) and was keen to use this technology for good, having experienced this issue from the patient side. They met at EF.


Medical documentation is a big pain point and is remains largely in the hands of physicians - 44% of their working time. This is an inefficient and expensive use of time.


Kiroku has built a web-based productivity tool for physicians to accelerate note-taking. With an RPA (robotic process automation) based approach, users can create intelligent templates. Kiroku has designed an interface that allows easy information entry, with AI optimising these templates over time. In addition to dentistry, they are expanding into vet and medical.


Health Backend

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