Your Clinical Workflow Management System


Kumi offers a clinical workflow management solution that supports hospital staff from the first contact point with the client to planning their treatment. 


Early in his career, as a physician at the University Hospital in Lübeck, Dr. Timothy Mende was already initiating improvements in clinical collaboration. He then built his process knowledge over several years at Boston Consulting Group, and in 2016 he began to develop an alternative to the paper notebook in his lab coat pocket.


Many hospitals are facing staff shortages. Additionally, disconnected analog tools and processes keep staff stuck in inefficiency and hospitals in overwhelming costs.


With Kumi Clinical, Kumi digitizes – as the only provider to date – the complete treatment process for patients in hospitals. The clinical workflow management system empowers clinical teams and hospital leadership to establish or maintain top quality care and operational efficiencies, replacing today's standard of pen as well as paper, phones and fax machines.


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