Lillian Care

Next generation family medicine!


We are bringing family medicine back to underserved regions in Germany. With fundamentally new collaboration between doctors and nurses and intelligent use of technology


Linus, Florian and Markus have long been dedicated to the practical implementation of innovations and technologies in healthcare. In view of the massive shortage of doctors, which will threaten medical care for around 12.5 million people by mid-2035, the motivation grew to find a solution for this and implement it in the regulated German healthcare system.


Today, 4,000 GP practices are unoccupied in Germany and by 2035, it will be > 11,000 practices. General medical care can no longer be guaranteed for 12.5 million patients.


Lillian Care opens hybrid practices in underserved regions, where physicians treat patients partly on-site and partly via video from home. At the same time, nurses take over significant parts of the treatment, allowing physicians to concentrate on complex cases and quality assurance. The successful implementation is based on our innovative software platform.


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