Imagine a world where anyone can enter a labor market freely and easily without any language barriers! Where skills and experience, and not the native language, are deciding careers.

Language software to efficiently recruit foreign-born talent by offering industry- specific language courses.

Global mobility and instability have led to large migration flows. Today, the majority of EU countries have 10-20% foreign-born population. Language skills present the largest barrier for migrants to enter the labor market and for the integration of foreign-born citizens.

Lingio is eliminating this barrier by offering a B2B software to efficiently recruit and onboard foreign-born talent with industry-specific language courses. These services are in high demand, not only in the healthcare and construction industries. Once onboarded, Lingio E-learning allows corporations to educate their multinational staff, with the "Lingio Translator" enabling voice and text communications between staff and multilingual customers. Based on the success in Sweden, Lingio is now entering other European markets.

When Yashar Moradbakhti decided to leave Spotify to start Lingio, he surrounded himself with a very senior and experienced founding team: With Moa Göransdotter, Morten Diesen, and Per-Olov

Jernberg, Lingio’s founding team is shining far beyond Swedish borders. As they have worked together before and their personalities and skill sets complement each other, Lingio’s co-founders are here to conquer the European market.

Team members
  • Yashar Moradbakhti
  • Morten Diesen
  • Per-Olov Jernberg
Investment manager
Michael Ströck
Enterprise SaaS
Year invested

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If you are proficient in your field's profes- sional language, you have a good chance to get a job. If you have a job, you will find local friends, learn something about Swedish culture, and further develop yourself.

Yashar Moradbakhti
Co-Founder & CEO Lingio

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