Industry-specific language courses for foreign-born talent


Lingio is offering industry-specific language courses to large corporations interested in attracting and retaining foreign-born talent.


In 2015, Lingio was founded by three ex-colleagues from Spotify and EA Games to aid the integration of refugees in Sweden. The founders aimed to make learning and development more accessible for people, particularly those working in underserved industries like cleaning, transport, hospitality, construction, and home care, who have busy schedules.


Global instability and mobility have caused significant migration flows. Language skills pose a major hurdle for integrating into labor markets in EU countries.


Lingio is eliminating the language barrier by offering B2B software as a service to efficiently recruit and onboard foreign-born talent with industry-specific language courses. Once onboarded, Lingio’s digital tools allow corporations to educate their multinational staff through enabling voice & text communication between multilingual staff and multilingual customers.



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