Livv Health

Global intelligent health record


Empower users in taking ownership of their health data to bring about the future of healthcare with continuous, data-informed care.


Sverre Sundsdal, brings two decades of experience in product development and leading global technology teams, including roles as Head of AI Engineering at Babylon Health and a former Google engineer. His leadership, backed by a talented team of designers, engineers, and health enthusiasts, is committed to prioritising patient care above all.


Individuals lack control over scattered health data, leading to limited access, inefficiencies in care, and a non-patient-centric approach.


Livv Health aggregates patient data from various sources, and its cutting-edge AI consolidates it into a comprehensive, unified health record. This empowers patients to share their complete health history with any healthcare provider. With a complete health record, they are increasing the predictive power of health AI, enabling preventative care at scale.


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