Matchmaking platform for therapists and patients for female mental health


Meela is here to help people achieve optimal health by matching them to psychologists, psychotherapists and therapy methods based on unique needs and preferences.


Tiffany has a business and sociology background, having gained extensive experience in marketing and communications. She also founded a support forum for female mental health. Tiffany is passionate about mental wellbeing and improving therapy, since day one she has been on a mission to give every woman the personalised and effective therapy they deserve.


People starting therapy drop out too early mainly due to a poor therapist-patient match. For successful therapy it is crucial for both sides to find a fitting counterpart.


Meela is building a platform to match patients and therapists based on personal preferences. Focused on mental health for women, Meela aims to become an all-in-one platform covering the whole patient and therapist journey from acquisition, to tracking and administration, and post-therapy community building and education. This increases efficiency and quality.


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