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Mindstep is creating a new care standard for cognitive health by providing AI-driven neurodiagnostics, screening for relevant risk factors, and comprehensive interventions.


Whilst training as medics, Hamzah and Aaron were able to pinpoint the struggles that patients faced in accessing mental health and brain care services. Drawing on Hamzah's background as a neuroscientist, and Aaron's experience as an Executive Director at the Stanford School of Medicine, they founded Mindstep to create a new standard for cognitive health. 


20% of people will experience mental health issues, and degenerative brain diseases are the UK's leading cause of death - together, they cost society over £500b annually.


Mindstep is the first end-to-end digital therapeutics platform to tackle the 5 most prevalent brain conditions - anxiety, depression, dementia, brain fog, and concussion - in one product. Leveraging early-detection screening tools and AI, Mindstep builds a complete picture of cognitive health to offer targeted, personalised digital therapeutic plans.


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