Mindstep is creating a new care standard for cognitive health by providing AI-driven neurodiagnostics, screening for relevant risk factors, and comprehensive interventions.

Personalized cognitive care to help lower the risk of dementia


Dementia is a devastating disease and poses a huge burden on society. 12% of people aged 70 are expected to get it, with this number increasing to 22% for those over 80. The total cost of care for people with dementia is £34.7B in the UK alone. There is currently no cure for dementia but its risk factors can be minimized – thus reducing the probability of the disease occurring.


Mindstep’s solution aims to make cognitive health more customer-centric by providing in-app care that includes daily brain stimulation tasks and a tailored guidance for managing identified risk factors while at the same time collecting a breadth of data that can be used to catch the disease at its early stage and develop new drugs to cure it.

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Hamzah Selim
Aaron Lin
Mo Mahmud

Digital Health
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