Creator platform for women’s health courses offered via a netflix-like online subscription service.

Creator platform for women’s health


20-25% of women searching for help are coerced, patronized or kept waiting by the medical system. Typical issues include postpartum depression, abortion, miscarriages, pelvic floor issues, menopause night sweats and more. Programs can get expensive and aren’t covered by insurance. Many women don’t share their struggles leading to a high degree of loneliness, taboo and shaming.


Moonrise is enabling content creators in female health to do what they do best: create great content that helps people overcome their issues. They do so by offering all the tools and tech support creators need to produce, share and monetize their content. At the same time, consumers find a curated and trustworthy library of relevant content that is easy to navigate.

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Mahesh Kumar
Filippa Odevall

Digital Health
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