Self-Health care therapies for women


Creator platform for women’s health courses offered via a netflix-like online subscription service.


Husband and wife serial entrepreneur team started MoonRise after Filippa had birth injuries and didn't get any help from the health care system. After a painful period of trial and error, she reclaimed her health. Mahesh is a 3x founder, Fitness collection (sold to classpass), Epicenter co-working (30m eur sales, profitable and self-funded). 


Many women unnecessarily live with health challenges that are reversible. Majority of digital health practitioners make little income - lack marketing and tech know-how.


Moonrise partners with practitioners from around the world to aggregate natural therapies across a wide variety of life limiting symptoms. They package their knowledge into pre recorded online programs and provide tools to engage 1-1 and in groups with the community. Members invest 10 mins/day, learn new mind-body therapies & reclaim their health naturally from home.


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