Natural microbiome-based urinary tract infection treatment


P.Happi is developing a natural microbiome-based treatment for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) that reduces harmful bacteria thereby avoiding the use of antibiotics.


Dr Chiara Heide’s developed P.Happi based on her personal experience suffering from recurrent urinary health problems. She got fed up with being dependent on taking antibiotics or trying to get help and not being understood. So, after finishing her PhD, she set up B.Y.M.TM Technologies as more than a biotech company developing innovative microbiota-based solutions for women at every stage of life.


Millions of women worldwide suffer from recurring UTIs, resulting in frequent antibiotic prescriptions. The female healthcare market, particularly for post-menopausal women, is underserved and lacks innovation.


The P.Happi is a topical serum containing a unique natural bacterium B.Y.M.®1405 that protects from harmful bacteria getting to the vagina and urinary tract, while boosting the good bacteria to act as protective barrier in your intimate area. Using B.Y.M.® bacteria exclusively available in the P.Happi, the patented solution offers a new mechanism of action, for best care and maintenance at home. 


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