Signature & billing tool for medical practices


Nelly is building a workflow, digital signature and payment solution for healthcare providers that allows practices to easily onboard patients and manage payments.


Nelly's founders, Lukas and Niklas, combine e-signature, fintech, and customer-centric knowledge. Lukas created Bankident for bank-level identification, and Niklas led growth at N26 and built Klarna's Closed-Loop-Payments. They aim to create secure and user-friendly fintech for the medical market and become the top employer in the industry.


Outpatient care still relies on manual paperwork for patient onboarding, causing errors and delays. Self-payers and privately insured patients face billing issues and extra costs.


Nelly places a QR code at a practice’s front desk. Patients scan this QR code to open all onboarding docs on their own device – these are usually an anamnesis questionnaire, data privacy agreement and treatment contract. Patients can sign digitally. During the onboarding process, Nelly collects payment preferences to provide an e-commerce style payment experience.


Health Backend

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