Nelly is building a workflow, digital signature and payment solution for healthcare providers that allows practices to easily onboard patients and manage payments.

Signature & billing tool for medical practices


Outpatient care practices are still relying on manual paperwork when onboarding patients and collecting patient information. Managing that paperwork is time consuming, prone to errors and inflicts high costs. At the same time, privately insured and self-payers pay mostly by invoice, leading to friction and late fees for patients and factoring costs for providers.


Nelly places a QR code at a practice’s front desk. Patients scan this QR code to open all onboarding docs on their own device – these are usually an anamnesis questionnaire, data privacy agreement and treatment contract. Patients can sign digitally. During the onboarding process, Nelly collects payment preferences to provide an e-commerce style payment experience.

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Niklas Radner
Lukas Eicher

Health / Fintech
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