Newton's Tree

Turning hospitals into AI hospitals


To build the future learning healthcare system through developing the intelligence layer of medicine.


Haris Shuaib, the CEO of Newton's Tree, is a clinician - with strong ties to the NHS - and a global leader in the field of medical AI, who has successfully completed more than 50 medical AI projects, covering the entire AI lifecycle. He is supported by a talented and high-performing team, together they intend to fully unlock the potential of medical AI.


Current hospital infrastructure does not allow for the implementation and utilisation of many medical AI programs, most only implement 1.


Newton's Tree has developed an AI interoperability layer, acting as a marketplace for hospitals to connect with AI suppliers. This comprehensive platform serves as the hospital's AI mission control, enabling them to identify opportunities for AI across the hospital via a unified dashboard. For AI suppliers, it offer can offer their services through the platform.


Health Backend

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