Imagine a world where employees split their time between working from home and the office and still maintain a high level of collaboration and the company`s culture.

Officely (YC S17) creates your back to the office schedule by learning who works together. Ensuring physical distancing and team collaboration.

Officely helps companies to get back to their pre-COVID levels of collaboration, but in an era of reduced office capacities by making it really easy to book whole teams into the office rather than just individuals.

Hybrid way of working is going to continue far beyond the reaches of the COVID-era. Organisations around the world are adopting hybrid work practices where their employees split their time between working from home and the office. Humans are creatures of habit, standard booking tools result in individuals always coming into the office on certain days of the week. This results in fractured teams and colleagues who work on different days never meeting.

Officely uses AI to learn how your team works and suggests the best days to work from the office to ensure collaboration and to maintain your culture.

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