Redefining digital parenting


Ohana is here to provide parents with all the tools they need to raise a healthy digital native.


Stephan was looking for a solution to create a digital routine for his sons but only found spying apps disrespecting kids' privacy. So together with Christian and Kevin, they founded Ohana to develop a digital parenting app. Ohana's team has extensive experience in their fields, ranging from design and engineering to marketing and cyberpsychology.


Navigating the complexities of digital parenting is overwhelming and stressful. Parents struggle to protect their kids and teach them safe online behavior.


Ohana's easy-to-use parental control app helps parents raise healthy digital natives. We provide parents with the tools and guidance they need to protect their kids online and create a healthy digital routine for them - all while respecting their privacy. Ultimately, Ohana empowers parents to guide their children toward safe and responsible online behavior.



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