OpenHealth Technologies

The world's go-to source for blood data.


OpenHealth is the infrastructure layer enabling the health industry making patient treatment 10x better - more personal, preventive and data-driven.


OpenHealth's founders, Gerrit, Frederic, and Frank, bring a unique blend of entrepreneurial, medical, and technical expertise. Gerrit, a biohacker and entrepreneur, focuses on bizdev & strategy. Frederic, medical doctor with startup background, contributes extensive medical & product knowledge. Frank, leading tech, has a decades of background in healthtech.


Unstructured access to lab data hinders patient care; doctors face challenges in obtaining quick & enhanced information; patients struggle to comprehend their own health.


OpenHealth, a B2B SaaS & infrastructure HealthTech, offers a platform that harmonizes and enriches lab results with medical AI, enabling various digital use cases for labs, clinics, insurers, and startups. It aids in personalizing patient care, early risk detection, and increasing physician efficiency, monetizing through a fee-per-API-call.

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