Oral Oncolytic Management

Unlocking the value of oral oncolytics


Providing insights on the real-life use of oral oncolytics to enable personalized & targeted intervention and enhance treatment outcomes.


This company is led by a visionary Founder, known for founding the cancer care startup Noona. The co-founders have complementary expertise bringing together; software expertise, clinical perspectives, and strategic acumen in health and pharma. This dynamic team blends entrepreneurship, technical skills, clinical insights, and strategic vision to innovate in healthcare technology.


Cancer treatment is shifting from traditional infusions to home-based oral oncolytic therapies, but nearly half of patients stop these treatments despite their benefits.


This company has built a risk prediction model for the discontinuation of oral cancer treatment. Their analytics platform is integrated by Physician-aligned pharmacies at the point of care, utilizing data from the care journey, including clinical, and patient information. It identifies high-risk patients, facilitating personalized interventions for improved treatment outcomes.


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