This startup is building a digital programme for tinnitus therapy, based on psychology and sound, aimed at sustainable “habituation” of the chronic disease.

Digital therapy for tinnitus and hearing loss


Tinnitus refers to the perception of noise or ringing in the ears that is not caused by an outside source. The prevalence of the condition ranges from 8% to 30% worldwide, given the heterogeneous definition of tinnitus. Effective treatment for tinnitus exists, however there is no instant and affordable pathway, given long waiting lists, high cost and low education from GPs.


Oto wants to change the way therapy is delivered, by making recommended lines of treatment accessible daily and available to all. The product consists of 4 therapy modules, delivered via recorded audio, built upon a mix of CBT, mindfulness and physical relaxation. The programme includes daily therapy, quick reliefs for urgent matters and practice sessions.

Team members

     Edmund Farrar

     George Leidig

     Jameel Muzaffar

Digital Health
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