Prescription Medication Management

Ensuring everyone is on the right medication.


People need prescriptions that are kept up to date with their health needs. This company addresses the twin challenges of medication optimisation and overprescription.


The co-founder and CEO, an Oxford-educated doctor and ex-product manager, approached his childhood friend during their time on the Entrepreneur First program. As a full-stack software developer, he later joined the program as the tech-mastermind behind this company. Their strong complementary expertise and friendship form the foundation of a formidable team.


Medical systems focus on initial prescribing and don't support reviewing and discontinuing medications, leading to economic waste, lost clinician time, and patient harm.


They offer clinical decision support that streamlines medicines management, reducing workloads for clinicians and ensuring that prescriptions are always kept up to date and optimal for a patient’s changing health needs. This shrinks medication spend for health systems, frees up the clinical workforce and reduces patient harm.


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