A software-as-a-service provider for patient relationship management


Qunomedical helps patients find affordable high-quality treatment and gives healthcare providers SaaS tools to manage the patient journey.


Dr. Sophie Chung is the founder and CEO of Qunomedical, a software-as-a-service provider for patient relationship management. After completing her medical degree, she joined McKinsey in 2008, working primarily as a healthcare consultant. Due to her medical expertise, she quickly recognized the potential created by the digitalization of the healthcare system.


Healthcare providers neglect patient-centricity. The digital world has overlooked their needs, despite optimizing customer journeys elsewhere.


Qunomedical and its SaaS product Qunosuite set the gold standard in patient relationship management. It enables healthcare providers to deliver a superior digital patient journey and increase patient satisfaction. With its service, they attract more patients, guide them through their treatment and retain them. Because happy patients lead to happy hospitals.


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