Helping insomnia sufferers reignite their sleep and end their problem


re:sleep is building a personalized digital therapy programme for chronic insomnia with CBT-i, live weekly group clinics and short individualized content.


Stephanie is a leading insomnia specialists, she's worked for leading organisations such as Guy's and St Thomas' Sleep disorder centre and Harvard Medical school. Together with Cyrus who is third time startup founder specialising in consumer products and Greg (also a repeat founder) who is an experienced CTO, they form a highly experienced and complimentary team.


Access to insomnia treatment is broken. In person treatment is too expensive. Digital therapy is poor: 80% of users unable to complete their treatment.


re:sleep created a highly personalised digital therapy centered around the user. Users get access to a digital therapy that is tailored to them and that dynamically adapts the treatment to them as they progress through the therapy. Alongside this users also get access to insomnia and sleep coaches on live video clinics as well as a strong community support to help them.

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