Design-forward, tech-enabled veterinary clinics


Rex is building a full-stack veterinary service, using a combination of brick and mortar clinics and software.


Jonathan is CEO and co-founder. Prior to Rex, Jonathan worked at McKinsey, focusing on M&A and Digital in healthcare. Before that, he co-founded the fintech Forexfix.
Julian is COO and co-founder. Prior to Rex, Julian worked at Flex Capital, a PE fund. Before that, Julian also worked at McKinsey & Company, focusing on M&A and HR.


Veterinary clinics are outdated and inefficient, with no thought given to UX. Most clinics are underdigitized, and offer little development perspective to their staff.


Rex is building & operating beautiful, tech-enabled veterinary clinics. For customers, Rex provides the best UX of accessing vet care with online booking, telemedicine, beautifully designed spaces, first-class veterinary medicine etc.. For veterinary teams, Rex provides an efficient workplace to focus on patients rather than admin, and a modern, caring employer. 


Health Frontend
Health Backend

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