Transforming the sun’s abundant energy into a predictable asset


Shadowmap is building the world’s first 3D maps app to visualize and automatically analyze sunlight and shadows.


During a dark Viennese winter in 2013, Georg's love for the sun inspired him to envision a 3D maps app that could help him find sunlight. Seven years and one co-founded startup later, armed with his expertise in visual computing, he tackled the problem: From the start, Shadowmap provided value not only for sun-seekers but businesses in real estate, solar, and more.


The lack of fast, simple, and efficient solar analysis based on global data hinders clear insights and decisions, as well as planning and communication of solar matters.


Shadowmap is mankind's digital interface to the sun. Our web-based 3D application provides real-time visualization and analysis of sunlight and shadow throughout the year. Including data customization and integration into existing websites and apps. Democratizing access to insolation data, unlocking opportunities, and improving decisions in all sun-related contexts.

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