No-code marketing automation platform for e-commerce


Empowering e-commerce businesses by enabling complex cross-channel optimizations across their tool stack and automating repetitive processes with AI assistance.


Meet the Shopstory leadership team, led by the two Co-founders Sebastian Schwelle and Robert Böhm, both seasoned entrepreneurs with years of experiences in the software startup, e-commerce and B2B space. Alongside them, a skilled team manages sales, marketing, operations, finance, and product, ensuring Shopstory's e-commerce triumph.


E-commerce businesses struggle with the complexity and manual work accrued from the variety of necessary platforms & tools, leading to overhead and lost opportunities.


Shopstory is a no-code platform for online shops that automates & optimizes their processes, and enables cross-channel marketing optimizations only possible with software & AI assistance. Furthermore, agencies and freelancers can make custom automations for their existing customers, or in the future share them publicly to use our community for reaching new customers.



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