Sleepyhead is building a personalized digital therapy programme for chronic insomnia with CBT-i, live weekly group clinics and short individualized content.

Digital therapy for chronic insomnia


One in ten adult people suffer from chronic insomnia, which has lasting impacts on their quality of life. However, effective treatment exists but the barriers to access support are high. Face to face therapy is expensive and qualified therapists are rare to find, whereas online therapy offers no personalization and poor user experience.


Sleepyhead is changing the way therapy is approached and delivered by creating a highly personalised, supportive digital program to offer patients superior experience and lasting results. The company is building a space for individuals to rebuild trust in scientifically proven methodologies, feel heard by other peers and interact with a specialist to get the tailored help they need.

Team members

Cyrus Tchahardehi
Stephanie Romiszewski
Gregoire Frileux

Digital Health
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