Imagine a world where no condition ever becomes life-threatening because people have successfully maintained their good health! Where doctors follow patient needs rather than the other way around.

An Al-powered follow-up service for patients with long-term conditions.

Around the world, patients with long-term conditions are being managed with infrequent appointment follow-ups as doctors reach their maximum capacity for appointments. But even if follow-ups are offered regularly, the average 10 minutes time just isn’t enough to utilize their full potential. Patients and doctors need to be much better informed to make follow-ups truly valuable.

Suvera solves this issue by building virtual care for patients without the need for frequent physical appointments. Patients record their data directly in the application where doctors then monitor the long-term condition and adjust the treatment as necessary at any time.

Suvera is the brainchild of Ivan Beckley, Will Gao, and Diana Kan Lee who met at University College London. Ivan, a Data Science graduate and medical student, is leading the product efforts. Will, a Medical School graduate, supports all things medical, while Diana, a Computer Science graduate, spearheads the team’s tech efforts. Together they are working towards a better future of healthcare.

Team members
  • Ivan Beckley
  • Will Gao
Investment manager
Michael Ströck
Digital Health
Year invested

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