Proactive virtual clinic designed for patients with multiple chronic conditions


Suvera is building software for doctors to help with re-assessments and follow-up care for patients with chronic conditions. Their first app covers hypertension patients in the UK.


After spending 6 years at Medical school together, Ivan and Will as medics alongside Ryzard as a close friend and designer, co-founded Suvera. Ivan also holds a Masters degree in Data Science sponsored by DeepMind. Will was one of the NHS's first clinical entrepreneurs and Ryzard has over 15 years of developer and product design experience.


There is more demand for care than there is supply. Patients with the greatest demand are those with chronic conditions. Yet healthcare is not designed to meet their needs


Suvera is a virtual care company designed to meet the needs of patients with multiple chronic conditions. It partners with providers and payers under a value based contract to proactively manage patients using our virtual care team and platform. Our goal at Suvera is to prevent patients needing to see their doctor, disengaging with treatment and ending up in hospital.


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