A safe space for women to find and get access to the best contraception methods through user reviews, personalised recommendations, expert advice and seamless prescriptions.

Make contraception easier to choose, access and use


Women face an overwhelming choice of contraception methods but GPs prescribing them are not able to offer well-tailored recommendations due to lack of training. And while 78% of women experience contraception side effects, they have limited access to the right method as the NHS offers only up to 3 brands of the Pill and has recently closed 23% of its contraceptive services.


The Lowdown is a community-based platform for women to share their experience with different contraception methods. Members can take advantage of over 200,000 reviews, get personalized recommendations, schedule appointments with doctors and get their prescriptions for the Pill of their choice. The company’s vision is to tackle the entire women’s healthcare journey in the long run.

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Alice Pelton
Marija Ziterbart

Digital Health
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