Imagine a world where any healthcare professional could use ultrasound as easy as using a mobile phone! Where one could diagnose diseases at speed without the need for experts in radiology.

The world’s first educational software to help diagnose Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

A deep vein thrombosis (or DVT) is the formation of a blood clot in a vein, most commonly in the legs or pelvis. It can become life-threatening as it has the potential for a pulmonary embolism ("PE") — when one or more clots detach, travel to the heart and block the blood supply to the lungs. These conditions are considered to be the leading causes of preventable hospital deaths in the Western world. It is estimated that the annual cost of DVT/PE diagnosis and treatment in the US alone exceeds $15 billion.

Using ultrasound is easy for the few experts but not possible for the vast majority of non-trained healthcare professionals. ThinkSono’s AI-powered solution is able to guide any caretaker to detect DVT in under 10 minutes. This solution does not only improve patient outcomes, but also frees up the much-needed resources. It reduces unnecessary use of drugs and ultimately the costs of a diagnosis by a factor of 10.

ThinkSono is gifted with an extremely impressive and diverse team, driving the revolution of DVT. The two co-founders, Fouad Al Noor and Sven Mischkewitz, met during a startup program at Entrepreneur First, and gathered a truly world-class team including radiologists, hematologists, emergency doctors and machine learning engineers.

Team members
  • Fouad Al Noor
  • Sven Mischkewitz
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Digital Health
Year invested

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In Europe and the USA alone, more than 500,000 people die each year from the consequences of this disease.

Fouad Al-Noor
Co-Founder & CEO ThinkSono

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