Making mental health as objectively measurable as physical health


Thymia is using video games based on Neuropsychology to make mental health assessments faster, more accurate and objective, saving clinicians' time in the process.


Emilia is a neuroscientist with a PhD & post-doc from UCL in Linguistics, Neuroscience & Psychology. She met Stefano, who has a PhD in theoretical physics and background as a quant at JP Morgan, at Entrepreneur First. They now have a team of 12 including 3 other PhDs and experts from academia, science and business management.


Lack of objective tools makes identifying and treating mental illness difficult. Current subjective questionnaires lead to inaccurate and biased diagnoses, thus these disorders become difficult to detect, hard to track, and challenging to prevent.


Thymia makes mental health as objectively measurable and trackable as physical health with >90% accuracy. The team built the world’s most accurate and versatile A.I. tool for mental health assessment - using voice, movement and behavioral data to detect, track, predict and prevent mental health conditions. In the same way a blood pressure cuff tracks your physical health, thymia tracks your mental health.


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