Imagine a world where you finally have more time in life! Where time at work is increasing rather than diminishing our well-being.

A time-tracking tool that turns into a productivity coach improving occupational well-being.

Around the globe, people struggle to be productive at work and feel they lose too much time, especially when working from home. Unfortunately, no one tracks time accurately. Fake timesheets lead to enormous stress and, at the same time, to a loss of billions of unbilled works.

Timeular developed a digital time-keeping coach to tackle that challenge. The Timeular Tracker is an 8-sided die that automatically tracks activities by simply flipping time-tracking starts. With a desktop and mobile application, users get a transparent view of how every minute of the day is spent while it enables managers to better track the productivity of teams and projects.

The concept was created by Manuel Bruschi and Manuel Zoderer with a strong conviction that time is our most precious asset. Together they started a very successful Kickstarter campaign and were named Best Austrian Startup of the Year. Both founders are not only trained software engineers but also at the forefront of the “new work” wave that, due to COVID-19, swapped like a tsunami through the Western world. Timeular is revolutionizing how people work from home.

Team members
  • Manuel Bruschi
  • Manuel Zoderer
Investment manager
Lucanus Polagnoli
Year invested

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