Train Fitness

Powering better strength workouts with AI


Train Fitness is a strength workout platform for automatic exercise detection, real-time feedback and community - via deep learning and wearable tech.


Andrew has been a software developer for the past 10 years, focussing on mobile app development and AI / ML. Andrew worked at McKinsey & Company in their Digital practice for 3.5 years before leaving to attend Harvard Business School. Andrew dropped out of Harvard to continue building Train Fitness, where he leads the team of 6 currently.


No solution exists to automatically track strength workouts and without that, there is no ability to share these with friends and family.


Train Fitness is building a new way to track workouts, using the motion of the Apple Watch to automatically track which exercise is being performed and count a user's reps. The platform provides feedback on your workout and allows you to share your accomplishments socially with friends and family, creating a new, elevated workout experience.


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