The AI communication assistant for outreach


Twain is building an email writing tool for effective emails. Starting with sales teams and later expanding to everyone who needs to make their communication more effective and efficient.


Prior to Twain, Mohamed co-founded eatclever (acq. by PWB). As CSO, he scaled the operations into multiple European markets and > a million customers. In his 7 years there, he was constantly faced with a problem: coaching people to write world-class emails takes up too many resources. Now, he's on a mission to enable everyone in the world to be heard and understood.


Sales and marketing teams find it hard to write short, simple, relevant emails. They want to improve response rate but don't experiment because they're not good at it.


Twain is on track to become the world’s leading AI-powered communication coach (starting with sales and marketing) – faster and cheaper than a human coach, and more personalized than standard software. The company is building an ML-powered software to write emails, increase response rates and conversions, and ultimately lead to higher sales/investments.



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