Empower seniors through a Vertical social network


Vermut is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for seniors looking for community-driven activities, such as group exercise, classes and courses, clubs, trips, lectures and more.


We are hands on, diverse and a bold. We believe in learning by doing, and evolving by risking. We are driven by the fact that our day to day job is disrupting a social paradigm and changing seniors lives for the better. We empower creativity and constant feedback. Most of all, we are passionate about the mission of erasing the fear from society.


Social isolation and the impact it has on our senior’s health around the world. Seniors are healthier than ever, digitally penetrated and need to have fun.


Vermut empowers seniors to elevate their social experiences by unlocking shared passions and authentic connections. We have developed a vertical social network with a marketplace of unique experiences built to boost real-life connections. Our users can book their favourite activities and chat with people with the same interests.


Health Frontend

We are a fund built
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