Vermut is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for seniors looking for community-driven activities, such as group exercise, classes and courses, clubs, trips, lectures and more.

Empowering seniors through their strengths, passions & life experience


Silver economy is a large market that will keep growing considering the aging population in developed countries, with the median age in EU-27 increasing to 48 years and people 65 years and older in the US constituting 22% of the population in 2050. Social isolation and mental inactivity have been proven to negatively impact health and longevity.


Vermut is providing seniors with opportunities to enjoy their retirement through a range of offline and online activities as well as giving the “silver creators” tools for hosting their own content. Being mentally and socially active is a big contributing factor to a longer and healthier life and vermut not only enables this but has a potential to move into other silvertech verticals. 

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Fernando Dellepiane
Enric Duran

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